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Our purpose is not to catastrophise the difficulties in an Asperger marriage and bring about its downfall, BUT RATHER to acknowledge the difficulties and differences and provide objective information on how Asperger's Syndrome impacts on a relationship and what steps can be taken to reduce the confusion, conflict and crushing emotional experiences that characterise the private lives of those affected. 

We are aware now that over the last few years many partners have been helped by gaining an understanding of Asperger’s Syndrome which has enabled them to change their expectations of their partners, themselves and their relationships. 

It is also strongly recommended that partners seek help from a professional experienced with Asperger's Syndrome in adults and relationships. There is guidance that can be given in this context that a support group or written information cannot give, and specific characteristics and situations can be addressed.

Meeting and speaking with other partners face-to-face brings an enormous sense of validation for our experiences which can become an invaluable source of strength and inspiration for the task ahead.

Those who've been unable to stay with their relationships testify to finding a place of closure for all their confusion, pain and sense of failure.

The Website

Establishing a website is seen as a way of providing a port of call for partners in Australia and access to helpful information, professionals and supportive contacts.

If you have information, contacts, services, groups or events that you would like us to know about, please contact us.

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Updated: January 6, 2018
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