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Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia

A place for validation, information, and inspiration 

Mutual acknowledgement and understanding of the Asperger marriage/life partnership experience for partners of adults with (or suspected of having) Asperger syndrome

ASPIA is a Sydney-based support group and information source for those who are involved in or interested in marriage and long-term relationships with adults with Asperger syndrome (or suspected of having Asperger syndrome - ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

ASPIA has been hosting a regular Partner Support Group Meeting in Sydney since 2003, but as of August 2023 our support services are changing.


For the time being we will continue to host a lunch get-together every three months, with our next date being 11th November 2023 (see below), but from 2024 this will be held in a variety of locations depending on need and interest. Please see below for dates and locations.

ASPIA still recognises the vital need for personal support for partners, but this will now be offered privately by Carol Grigg in small online groups.  These groups will be focused on specific topics, or stages of life, and will be announced below.  Please email your interest to

Our "Resources" page provides a list of recommended books and also free articles and flyers to download, and our "Support Page" provides a list of recommended Professionals.

Please visit our home page regularly to check on future events and latest news.


Latest news

This year (2023) ASPIA is celebrating 20 years of partner support in Sydney!

Please be aware that our support work will be continuing in a different way from now on, with the incorporated association (ASPIA Inc) to be closed down, and a new entity ASPIA Partner Support to be created.

For the time being ASPIA will continue to meet for a lunch get-together every three months, with Saturday 11th November being our next date. We will meet from 1.00pm - 3.30pm.  This will be held at Club Burwood.  Please email to register.  No fee is pre-payable for this, but each one attending will need to purchase their own lunch on the day.  Food cannot be brought to the club from outside sorry, but the meals are great and very reasonably priced.  In future it is planned that the lunch location will vary depending on need and interest.  Ongoing information will be provided here.

For ongoing partner support, small private groups will be offered online by Carol Grigg. These will be focused on either a specific topic or life-stage.  Announcements will be made here, but please email if you would like to join in.

ASPIA events and groups provide emotional and psycho-educational support for the experience and perspective of non-ASD partners and family members only.

These meetings are not open to ASD adults.  We do not have the expertise to adequately support the emotional or educational needs of adults on the Spectrum.  Please see ASPIA's "Support" tab for other support opportunities.

NEW BOOK FOR PARTNERS by Carol Grigg (ASPIA co-founder and co-ordinator)

Straight Talk for Partners: Is Common Ground Possible? Essential Guide for Partners of adults who seem set on their own track (or who could be on the Autism Spectrum)

Click here to view paperback or here to view eBook

Other General ASPIA news below ...

ASPIA meeting dates for 2023: 11th February; 13th May; 12th August; 11th November.  RSVP essential.

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