Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia

A place for validation, information, and inspiration 

Mutual acknowledgement and understanding of the Asperger marriage/life partnership experience for partners of adults with (or suspected of having) Asperger syndrome

ASPIA is a Sydney-based support group and information source for those who are involved in or interested in marriage and long-term relationships with adults with Asperger syndrome (or suspected of having Asperger syndrome - ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder).

We host a regular Partner Support Group Meeting in Burwood, Sydney, on the second Saturday of the month and in 2021 meetings will be held quarterly on 13 February, 8 May, 14 August, 13 November. See below for "latest news" about our meetings.


Latest news

ASPIA's next regular Partner Support Group Meeting will be on Saturday 14th August 2021, 1.45pm for a 2.00pm start, and will be held online via ZOOM again. Conclusion approximately 4.00pm.

Even if we are able to come out of lockdown by then, the risks and uncertainty are too great.

We do not have a Presenter organised for this meeting, so we will gather together on Zoom and do our best to have some healthy discussion and provide support to one another. I will explore Zoom's options for having "break-out" rooms so we can have smaller groups meeting simultaneously.

There will be a cost of $10 to attend this meeting.  Please email if you would like to attend, and ASPIA's bank details will be provided to you.

Please remember our meetings are exclusively for those who are in a relationship with an adult on the spectrum, or non-ASD family members of an adult on the spectrum.

General news below ...

ASPIA meeting dates for 2021: 13th February; 8th May; 14th August; 13th November.

Please note two significant CHANGES.  We are no longer meeting on the first Saturday of every month, but INSTEAD are meeting on the second Saturday of February, May, August and November.