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Asperger Syndrome Partner Information Australia

A place for validation, information, and inspiration 

Mutual acknowledgement and understanding of the Asperger marriage/life partnership experience for partners of adults with (or suspected of having) Asperger syndrome

ASPIA is a Sydney-based support group and information source for those who are involved in or interested in marriage and long-term relationships with adults with Asperger syndrome (or suspected of having Asperger syndrome).

We host a regular Partner Support Group Meeting in Burwood, Sydney, on the first Saturday of the month for the remainder of 2019, and in 2020 meetings will be held quarterly on 8 February, 9 May, 8 August, 14 November.


Latest news

Our Next ASPIA Partner Support Group meeting will be Saturday 7 December 2019


This is our final meeting for 2019, and we are very excited to announce that our Presenter is Natalie Black, a long-time group member of ASPIA who is close to completing her Masters in Clinical Psychology.  Due to her keen interest in neuropsychology and cognition, Natalie wrote her Honours thesis on facial recognition.

Natalie was in an AS / NT marriage for 11 years and is interested in the attachment dynamics of AS / NT relationships and how NT partners can best look after themselves.  She is curious about what it is about us (the non-AS partner) that draws us to these relationships, and why we continue to adapt and stay long after many others would have walked away, which is a very strengthening topic for us as we head into the challenging Christmas and holiday season.

Natalie teaches us to understand more about ourselves, healthy boundaries, and how to re-emerge as the beautiful individuals we are and were.  Natalie can also provide satisfying answers to just about any other question anyone may have.

This meeting will be at our usual venue at Club Burwood in Burwood Road. 1.30pm for a 2pm start.

Very Important - ASPIA Meetings 2020

ASPIA meeting dates for 2020 are 8 February; 9 May; 8 August; 14 November

Please note two significant CHANGES.  We will no longer be meeting on the first Saturday of every month, but INSTEAD will be meeting on the second Saturday of February, May, August and November.